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The Heritage Center Elevator Will Be Built!

Posted by on July 29, 2018

Thanks to Many Generous Donors   (Click to view)



Currently, the Adams County Heritage Center’s rear facade looks like this with a 2nd story doorway opening onto a balcony landing.  Previously, there were stairs leading from the landing to the parking lot below.





A rough artist’s concept of how the rear Heritage Center facade will appear with the 16 by 32 foot addition containing the elevator.  The 1st floor entry will be in the same relative position as the current entry.  Current 2nd story windows will be moved out to the addition.





Cut-away view of the addition showing where the elevator will be.  The 2nd story doorway will become an interior door opening onto an elevator lobby.  Stairs will wrap around the elevator.  Some elements in the picture have changed since the drawing was made.







The 2nd story door from inside the Heritage Center, looking outside.











Where the landing is now will be an inside elevator lobby.









The 2nd story northeast exhibit room will show the history of Adams County from prehistoric times through settlement, development and progression to the present.






The 2nd story southeast exhibit room will celebrate the professional, recreational and cultural life of Adams County.






More of the 2nd story southeast exhibit room.








More of the 2nd story southeast exhibit room.






The 2nd story south-middle exhibit room will feature Adams County military.







The 2nd story southwest exhibit room is already in use housing archives and providing work space for cataloging and filing.







The 2nd story northwest exhibit room will continue to be a work room, and may be used to teach lost arts such as tatting and chair caning.







The 2nd story north-middle exhibit room will be an audio visual room where videos or Power Point presentations of the history of Adams County may be shown.







For reference, this is the current front view of the Heritage Center.








In this picture of the current back view of the Heritage Center, the new addition will come out to about the front of the parked car.






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