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School/Group Programs

Students role play going to school in a one room school house.

4th Grade 1900 School and Life Experience

Ever wonder what it was like to live in the early 1900’s?

Students and youth groups will role play the life of a child growing up in Wisconsin during the early 1900’s.  Students begin the experience by first dressing in period costumes then travel to different rooms of the McGowen house.  Costumed interpreters will guide students in setting the table, washing clothes with an old scrub-board and tub, and churning butter.  After the chores are done students will “go to school” in the one room school house.

Although students of all ages will enjoy this learning experience, lessons and activities have been designed for 4th grade students.  This experience meets the following 4th grade Wisconsin DPI Standards in Social Studies:
B.4.1 Identify and examine various sources of information that are used for constructing an understanding of the past, such as artifacts, documents, letters, diaries, map, textbooks, photos, painting, architecture, oral presentations, graphs, and charts.
B.4.4 Compare and contrast changes in contemporary life with life in the past by looking at social, economic, political and cultural roles played by indviduals and groups
B.4.7 Identify and describe important events and famous people in Wisconsin history

Thanks to a grant from Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative’s “Operation Round-up” and Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, students from the Adams-Friendship School District may attend at no cost during the months of April and May.

For student groups not from the Adams-Friendship  School District, a $3 donation per student is recommended

Adults and Chaperones are free

To arrange your learning experience call Mary Jo Meyer 608-564-7987


Curriculum information for teachers

Pre-visit information for teachers

5th Grade Civil War Experience

In May, the ACHS holds our Civil War experience for Adams-Friendship School District 5th grade students, in keeping with the state history standards. To start the day the students are given the name of an Adams County Civil War soldier, or his wife, mother or sister.  Students then experience military life, home life, fashions, medicine and music of the Civil War era in Adams County.  At the end of the day they find out their fate! 

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