Adams County Historical Society to Hold Annual Cemetery Tour

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The cemeteries of Adams County are filled with stories of people who came from Norway, Bohemia, Ireland, New England, Ohio, and Illinois, or they born here, stayed here or came back to die here.  Their stories tell of their troubles and joys, their families and friends, and help us understand how their lives reflect on our lives today.  They can’t tell their stories themselves, so every fall since 2003, the Adams County Historical Society has held a Cemetery Tour.  Volunteers stand by graves and become the “spirits” of those buried beneath and tell their stories.

This year the Cemetery Tour will visit the spirits in Plainville, Prairie, Lakeview and Mount Calvary Cemeteries.

At Plainville Cemetery we will hear from Oscar and Belle Armstrong Atcherson, Civil War veteran George Oakes, and Judge Samuel Tyler.  At Lakeview Cemetery we will meet Vera Phillips, Russell Henningsen, Urban Huber, John and Mary Murphy Vroman, and Jacob and Fannie Jones Vroman.  At Mount Calvary Cemetery by St. Ann’s Church in Brooks we will see Katherine and George Lehmann.  Finally, at little Old Prairie Cemetery Cynthia West will tell us about the others who are buried there.

To join in the Cemetery Tour, please register by Thursday, October 2nd.  To register, call or stop in to the society’s Heritage Center, 311 Main Street in Friendship; the number is 608-339-7733.  Or call Lucille Davis at 608-339-6867 and leave a message.   Then on Saturday, Oct. 4th, meet the bus at 9:30 am at the society’s McGowan House Museum at 507 Main Street in Friendship. The tour will then proceed to the Cemeteries where we will walk to the graves and hear the “spirits” stories.  At 12:30, lunch will be served at the United in Christ Church in Grand Marsh. After lunch the bus will return to Friendship about 2:00 pm.  The $15.00 fee covers the Historical Society’s costs for the tour including the bus and lunch.


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Paul Schanen July’s Local Author

July 24th
Local author Paul Schanen presented a  pre-history of  Adams County explaining that through artifacts left behind, Adams County has seen that people resided in or passed through Adams County since paleolithic times.   He showed a Power Point presentation showing the various tools used by the people of each time period.  Most of the artifacts shown were found here in Adams County.  After the presentation, he helped attendees identify and date Native American artifacts from their own collections.  Paul is the author of   “Native American Artifacts of Wisconsin”  and  studied archaeology at UW-Stevens Point.
The Local Authors Circle is co-sponsored by the Adams County Historical Society and the Adams County Public Library.  Its purpose is to give exposure to local authors and through  the author’s stories and ideas educate and enlighten the public.  The Local Author Circle is always at the Adams County Heritage Center, 311 Main Street in Friendship.

Photo: July 24  Local author Paul Schanen will be here with Native American artifacts and his book "Native American Artifacts of Wisconsin" Thursday, July 24th at 4:00pm.  The Local Author Circle is always at the Heritage Center, 311 Main Street in Friendship.  Paul has studied archaeology at UW-Stevens Point and is willing to identify any artifacts you may have collected over the years.  He will not only identify your artifacts but also date them for you.  His power point presentation is about 1 hour.  Refreshments will be served following the presentation.  Bring your artifacts, bring your friends and join Paul for a very interesting late afternoon.

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ACHS Meetings

The Adams County Historical Society Board of Directors meets except as noted elsewhere at 7:00 pm on the second Wednesday of January, March, April, June, July, September, October and December at the Adams County Heritage Center, 311 Main Street, Friendship, WI.  Meetings are open to the public

ACHS Membership Meetings are held at the same time and place as the Directors meetings on the second Wednesdays of February, August and November.

The ACHS Annual Meeting and election of officers is held at the same time and place as the Directors meeting on the second Wednesday of May.

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2014 McGowan House Tours

The McGowan House is open for tours  May through September on Saturday afternoons from 1:00 to 4:00 pm;  other times by appointment.  Family and group tours can be arranged in the off season.

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