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Dennis McFarlin to Discuss “Friendship, Wisconsin – A History” at Author’s Circle

Posted by on March 10, 2018


Local author Dennis McFarlin will discuss his newly published book “Friendship, Wisconsin – A History” at the Adams County Historical Society’s Heritage Center, 311 Main Street, Friendship at 5:00 pm March 20, 2018.

The two volume “Friendship, Wisconsin – A History” chronicles the history of a small village in central Wisconsin. Dennis M. McFarlin grew up in Friendship and experienced first-hand life in the village for fifty years. McFarlin’s discussion of the book should be of interest to students of history, genealogists, and particularly to those persons who live in Friendship today or grew up in the village or its surrounds.


The book is 934 pages, with 600 photographs and images.  Because the book is intended as a research source, the author has provided over 10,000 endnotes to guide the reader to additional resources.  An extensive index is provided.

Volume One of the book presents a history of the village through subject categories, such a education, health care, government, lifestyle,  and the early geologic history of the area.

Volume Two of the book presents a history of the village through a block-by-block review of the businesses that operated in the village from its inception in 1856.




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