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The ACHS has acquired several sources of historical information mostly through local donations. This information is available to the public, and is located in the Adams County Heritage Center at 311 Main Street in Friendship Wisconsin, our headquarters.  The Heritage Center is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from Noon to 5:00 pm.  As the Society has no paid employees, all research must be done by volunteers. If you are unable to come to the Heritage Center, there are a few members who do research IN THE COUNTY for reasonable per hour fees and costs. Please email your research request to the society and someone will answer as soon as possible.

For appointments, please call the Heritage Center during open hours  (608) 339-7733, or one of the listed members:

  • Patricia Kierstyn – (608) 339-2199
  • Mary Lee Klaus – (608) 584-5727
  • Karen Church – (608) 339-3400
  • Harry Davis – (608) 339-6867

Current information available:

  • Genealogy files of area families – both personal and organizational.
  • County School Records – Elementary to High School dating to 1850’s.
  • Local Newspapers – Friendship Reporter & AdamsCounty Times from 1915.
  • County Assessment Roles – from 1912 through 1969.
  • Census Microfilms – Federal for 1850, 1860, 1870.
  • Census Microfilms – State for 1855, 1875, 1885, 1895, 1905.
  • Scrapbooks, Photographs, Glass Negatives.
  • McGowan Family Papers.

Links to additional Adams County Information:

  • Adams County Chamber of Commerce

Other Wisconsin history sites:

If you have any information that will be helpful to increase our archive, please visit the Donations page for more details on how to contribute. For more information about the archive, contact the Society

44 Responses to Archive

  1. Larry Nawrot

    History of my parents house at 1898 Elk Ave, Friendship, WI. I found a site that showed there was a post office there in the 1800’s. Could you please help. Thank you.

    • admin

      Many people ask us about the history of houses. We do have land records but these tell who bought or sold the land by the legal description. That doesn’t always help in tracking down the history of a particular house. If you could come in here to the Heritage Center, 311 Main Street in Friendship with the legal description, we may be able to help you out a little.
      Harry Davis
      Adams County Historical Society

  2. Donald Stormoen

    I’m seeking any information available on The Stormoen Family. My father, Donald G. Stormoen was born in Dellwood and my grandmother (Sine) lived on the farm in Arkdale. My father had 11 or 12 other brothers and sisters.
    Thanks for your help.

    • admin

      I thought I had already replied to your comment but perhaps it never got sent. Briefly, there is a lot of information about the Stormoen family here. If you send an e-mail with your questions to I’m sure we can help you further.
      Harry Davis
      Adams County Historical Society

  3. Sharon Squires

    I am looking for information on Martin and Ellen Arthur Conway. They were both born in Ireland. Martin born in September 1844 and I believe he is buried with his wife Ellen (Burial: Old Calvary Cemetery Monroe Green County Wisconsin, USA Plot: Sec A, Lot 153). There is a grave marker with his name in the same cemetery but no dates. They had no children but they did adopt a child by the name of Fred Robinson. I believe that Martin died 1906 but not for sure. His parents were Parents were Patrick and Margaret T Fitzgerald Conway. They would have moved to the area in 1870. I would appreciate any information you might have on either one of them.

    • admin

      Thanks for your interest and inquiry. however we are unable to help you. We are the Adams County Historical Society and only have information on Adams County history and people.

      Harry Davis
      Adams County Historical Society

    • Mary Lee

      Sharon…..please contact me at I am a researcher and may be able to help you. Thanks….Mary Lee

  4. Jill S. O'Connell

    Do you have any information on the Friendship Mobile Homes company? I recently purchased a 1965 Friendship Caravan Travel Trailer, and would like to know more about my trailer that was made in Friendship, Wisconsin.

    • admin

      Yes, we have quite a lot of information on the Friendship Mobile Homes company. I am in the process of assembling an article for the website, but I can send you a hard copy of an article I wrote on the company. Send an e-mail to with your mailing address and I will send a copy of the article to you.
      Thanks for your interest
      Harry Davis
      Adams County Historical Society

  5. Christine weldy

    I was wondering if I could see some pics of dell wood before it became a lake or even during

  6. Kathy Struss

    I’m looking for the name of the book that Julia Foote wrote about her family and the Foote Building here in Hastings. Went to Prairie Books and Gifts Jane said they were out of the books and didn’t know if they’d have any more.

    • admin

      Sorry, we do not have that book in our Heritage Book & Gift Shop. Best of luck in your search elsewhere.

  7. Karen Bowling

    I was surprised to recently learn that my great-grandfather was the proprietor of a bowling alley in Friendship during the 1920s. His name was Frank Kamowski. Would you happen to have any information about the family or bowling alley? Thank you!

    • admin

      Yes we do have information about Frank Kamowski. We will be sending you, by e-mail, copies of his obituary as well as announcements of his son Walter’s wedding and of Walter’s daughter Eileen’s wedding. Incidentally, Frank Kamowski’s bowling alley was in the then new village of Adams, not Friendship.

  8. Mike

    Is there any information available regarding stagecoach routes or old roads? My father mentioned that an old route ran through our property (New Haven, section 5).

    • admin

      Mike…. According to a 1878 map we have here at the society, the Old Pinery Road went thru Section 5 in New Haven so your father is probably right. We have copies of the map on sale in our gift shop.

  9. Jamie S.

    My name is Jamie and I am researching my 5x great grandfather, Henry Warren. Any information on him would be greatly appreciated! He lived in Grand Marsh and Lincoln counties from 1860-1870. Censuses list him as a physician. Thank you!

  10. Susan Schlosser

    My husband’s early ancestors lived in Friendship. I am wondering if there is a surname file or files of individual families? I would like to donate those regarding his family if you are open to accepting them. Stowe and Staple are the family names.

    • admin

      Yes, the Adams County Historical Society has extensive family surname files. Our records already include files on both the Stowe and Staple families and we would welcome receiving whatever documents you have to donate.

  11. Dee Estrella

    My Great-great grandparents, Matthew Clinton Craig and his wife Sarah (Calkins) Craig lived in Friendship at least as early as 1920 according to the census. He died 25 May 1927 & was a Civil War Veteran. She died 14 Aug 1933. They both died in Friendship or the nearby town of Adams. Sarah is buried at Mount Repose Cemetery & I believe he is, too. Would you have any more information about them? They moved around Wisconsin a lot and I’m wondering what brought them to Adams County. I can’t find any obituary for either online, but the newspaper archives I use doesn’t include the “Friendship Reporter” or the “Adams County Times.” If you have any information on my Craig family, I’d appreciate it.

    Thank you,
    Dee Estrella

    • admin

      A quick search of our genealogical family files did not uncover any information about your great Great grandparents, but we will look further and will likely locate something helpful to you.

  12. Eric Case

    Hi, I’m doing family history research about family who lived in that area from 1900 and left sometime after 1920. Could you tell me if you have anything about Loren Taft and his wife Grace Bell? They lived in Springville according to the census. They had a whole bunch of kids but for the sake of brevity I’ll say I am most interested in their daughter Lorena Taft.

    Also it is really cool that you answer questions like this for people. Being nowhere near Wisconsin it is exceptionally helpful to get answers to questions like this. So, thanks.

  13. Cheryl Dierks

    I’m trying to find out more about my family that homesteaded in Quincy. Their names are:
    Lorenzo Dow Smith and Aliza, they moved there about 1857. Their daughter Matilda and George Atchey (Either). Their daughter Laura and John Vogt. I’m facinated with my family history. Thanks

    • admin

      We are familiar with the family and should be able to help you. Our genealogist will contact you separately

  14. Bill Lada

    Looking for Martin Family in adam/ friendship area.

    • admin

      Our date for the Holiday Happening is Dec 2 and we will email you the invitation, information and reservation forms later this month. We appreciate your inquiry.

      Pat Kierstyn

  15. Karen Schiferl

    I am looking for information about Andrew Costello and his wife Eliza.I was hoping to find their marriage record or obituaries. Andrew was born around 1833 and died in 1899, Eliza was born around 1840. They lived in Adams in 1880 (US Census). I am not sure if they are both buried in Adams County. Eliza lived with her daughter in 1900 and I have information that shows her date of death as Feb. 23 at age 85, but it does not list the year.

  16. Penny Winchester

    Do you have a surname list of the family files in your collection?

    • admin

      We do not have a surname list of the family files in our collection. If you send us a list of the family names you are interested in, we can advise you whether we have those names in the files. e-mail address is

  17. Andrea (Mock) LaValle

    Do you have any pictures of the interior of the McGowan house as it is today? My brother, George Mock, had told me that he donated our old family pump organ to be placed in the house. I’d love to see some pictures of the interior rooms, especially one with the organ in it. Thank you.

    • admin

      There are pictures of the McGowan House interior as it looks today on the website. Click on the tab that says “About” then click on “McGowan House” on the pull-down menu. There is a picture of the organ in the parlor in the series, but I don’t think it is the organ that George donated.

  18. Gloria Wood

    Could you please check your surname files for Frank Woods, Joseph Moser, or Martin Moser also Hugh Monegan

  19. Debra Wussow

    I am looking for information on my grandfather Mark Joseph Bloomer born 8/13/1892 in Adams. Birth certificate or any other info. Mark’s parents are James and Mary Bloomer, any info on them also. James’s parents are Issac and Rachel Bloomer, any info on them also. In particular I am looking to confirm these father son relationships I found on Thanks.

    • admin

      A quick look at our Family Files did not find anything on the Bloomer family. I will refer your request to our genealogy expert for a more thorough search.

      • Debra Wussow

        James and Mary Bloomer are buried at Calvary Cemetary in Wisconsin Dells. James was born in 1851 and died in 1931 and Mary (maiden name Kinney) was born in 1860 and died in 1937. We think they owned a farm and because Mark was born in Adams we think the farm was in Adams. Are there historical records of property ownership or sale?

  20. Sylvester Wetle

    What can you tell me about the old Adams Hotel. What is it’s current status….is it on the historical list……what are plans for it?

  21. Mathew King


    I’m looking for information on my 4th great grandfather Squire Noble King. He and his wife Hulda Ann Harrington lived in Leola and possibly Big Flats starting sometime before 1870, and had several children there.

    Specifically, I’m trying to find information on where/when he was born and the names of his parents. I’ve hit a dead end in my research until he appears in Wisconsin in the 1870 census. He possibly served in the 6th Wisconsin during the Civil War, but I can’t find definitive evidence either way.

    I would very much appreciate any help you’re able to provide.

    Thank you

    • Kathryn L NEWSOM

      my Grandmother Balbina Mitchell or better known as “Ma Mitchell” owned the Rockview Inn in Big Flats from the 1950’s – 1970’s love to know more if any articles were written, land records, photo’s, people who stopped there … it is now up for sale ( Ma and Pa’s ) and formally Dave’s Escape

      • admin

        Sounds interesting; we will see what we have on “Ma Mitchell” and the Rockview Inn and let you know.

  22. Belle Bryner

    Can you check your family files and see if you have anything on the surnames of :Wintersteen or Moore.

    • admin

      Yes, the society has information on both Wintersteen and Moore families. Our person who does most of the family file work is currently on vacation, but should be available by Tuesday December 12th to help you with any specific questions you may have via email or phone.

    • Gordon and Mary Lee Klaus

      Belle….I do most of the research for the society and I saw your message today, Dec 6, 2018. My husband is Gordon Klaus and he is the grandson of Wintersteen and Moore both. He should be able to help you if you call him at home : 1-608-584-5727 some evening. Other wise, call me and I will look up the info at the society

  23. Violet Ellingson Walk

    I am looking for Norwegian Lutheran Baptismal records dating back to 1861. My great grandfather’s brother, Peter, was born 16 July 1861 to Ole Ellingson and Kristi Olsdtr Instenes, Roch a Cree, Adams County. The family just emigrated from Norway that year but didn’t remain in Adams County any longer than 2 years before moving on to Worth County IA. I’m attempting to find the connection to Adams County so finding the baptismal sponsors may help. Thank You.

  24. Elizabeth Kelly

    Hello, I have been doing our family tree research and I have hit a brick wall in regards to James Toy Marsh, Jr. He and his family were in Quincy. I have only found that he died in 1875 but I can not find any sort of cemetery or a listing as his occupation maybe a river pilot. The only listing is in the Freemason’s book. He was married to Esther Louise Tarbox. Thank you for your help. I love that you help out, what a blessing.

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