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Phone: 608-339-7733


Adams County Historical Society
P.O. Box 264
Friendship, WI, 53934

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  1. Donald Genrich

    I’m interested in the history of Duck Creek, dredging, creating channels, where it originally flowed-maps, any advice or help as to where to look?

    • admin

      I don’t think the historical society has any information on the Duck Creek dredging, etc. Unless someone has previously wrote an article about the Duck Creek story, we probably would not have anything. If it were me investigating I would start with Phil McLaughlin in the Adams County Planning & Zoning office, but I imagine you have already thought of that. If you know the dates of the dredging, etc. we could check the newspapers for possible articles.
      Harry Davis
      Adams County Historical Society

  2. Art

    Hello I am looking for the history of the Hotel Friendship. Is there info on the past of the hotel?

    • admin

      Yes, the Adams County Historical Society has information on the Friendship Hotel. Do you have some specific questions we could answer? You are welcome to drop by the Heritage Center here in Friendship, WI and we could show you what we have, or we could send you the information by e-mail or regular mail.
      thanks for your interest
      Harry Davis
      Adams County Historical Society.

    • Mike Rich

      My great grand father was an owner of the Friendship Hotel for about 12 years in the 1926 to 1939 ish, before selling and purchasing Schofield resort for a few years.
      He sold it to his son in law when he became ill….
      That’s all I know…
      I would like to find out more about his ownership of the hotel…


  3. Sue

    I am interested in an article written by Harry Davis on the Friendship Vacationaire Company. Do you know how I can get a copy?
    Thanks, Sue

    • admin

      Send us an e-mail requesting the article on the Friendship Vacationaire. Include your mailing address and we will send a copy of the article to you.

  4. Nick Homan

    I am interested to know if the historical society has any info on Goose Lake near Oxford, WI. It is near Oxford which is in Marquette county but the lake is actually in Adams county. I am particularly interested in photo documents of any time, but especially any
    1910’s, 20’s, or 30’s. I am looking for any history during the early development of the lake and prior to any organized lake association started in the 1970’s. Thank you in advance for responding to my comment.

    • admin

      Apart from Plat Maps showing its location, The Adams County Historical Society does not have any information on Goose Lake. The Oxford Library may be a good source for such information, if you haven’t already tried there.

  5. Sandy Kazubowski

    I am looking for the open hours of the Heritage Center please.

    • admin

      The Heritage Center is open from noon to 5:00 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

  6. Mary Hendrickson

    I am looking for any information and pictures of victory gardens that were between N Linden and 13 (main St)

    • admin

      We do not have an immediate response to your Victory Garden request. Assuming you are referring to the the WWII period, we will make a search of the newspapers of the period for any reference.

  7. Kevin feuerhammer

    Why is 406 e.grove st in Adams historical?

    • admin

      Although this may not be what you may be looking for, 406 East Grove Street is close to the place where “Werner’s Hill” was located. Although it doesn’t even appear to be a hill now, in the 1940s and 1950s, it was a favorite winter sledding spot.

  8. Maralyn Wellauer

    My gr-grandfather’s sister, Johanna (Duras) Kratky (1830-1878) is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery. I am wondering what Roman Catholic Church might she have been buried from in 1878? I would like to check their burial records to see if they have any information about her.

    • admin

      The earliest Adams County Catholic churches close to Pine Grove Cemetery would be St. Leo’s in Friendship (combined into St. Joseph’s in Adams in 1921) and St. Methodius in Pilate Knob. Both churches were erected in 1884 but were served by priests from Briggsville so it is possible that church records for 1878 were maintained in Briggsville. St. Mary’s Help of Christians Catholic Church is in Briggsville, in Marquette County. That parish may be able to help you. Good luck.

      • Maralyn Wellauer

        Thank you very much for your kind reply. I will try contacting St. Mary’s. Johanna was buried in 1878, six years before these churches were erected but they may have been served by “traveling” priests.

        I’ll give it a try.


  9. Keith Gurgall

    I am looking for a picture ( copy ) of the Roche-a-Cri school, and a picture of the students from 1914 thru 1922 when it merged with the White school.

    Thanks for any consideration,

    • admin

      A cursory look at our files did not uncover very much about Roche-a-Cri school, but we will continue to look for the information. Meanwhile, will send an article and picture about the school to you at your e-mail address.

  10. Karla Vale

    Do you have any information on my great great grandfather, Dr. Prentiss Coon?

  11. Debra Hamburg

    Could I have information on the Holiday Happening event where you sign up for a table to decorate?

  12. Charlotte Anderson

    I found out that my 2great grandmother Mary Keisling was buried in a cemetery (1 mile NW of Rome, Wis.). Which cemetery would that be? She died in 1905.

  13. Jennifer Vaccarello

    I am looking for information on friendship vacationaire camper company. I recently bought a vacationaire and was wondering if you had info about the company or pictures of the trailers or any advertisements ECT.
    I do know the campers were made in friendship Wisconsin
    Thank you

  14. Margaret Donahue Eberle

    I am trying to learn if my great grandparents Thomas & Rosa Donahue homesteaded their farm in the town of New Haven (Po Big Spring) about mid 1850’s. I have been told this but have no way to verify yet.They are listed in the 1860 census, however the last name is misspelled as McDorman. Again he is listed in the `1870 & 1880 census.
    Thomas & Rosa are buried in St Mary of Perpetual Help in Briggsville.
    Thomas passed away in 1889, Rosa 1891 when the farm was then listed in the name of Joseph their son.
    Joseph also owned a farm in the area north of Thomas’ farm. Joseph died in 1934. The farm was in the Donahue name until after`1948 when Joseph’s wife died.
    Hopefully you can help me or direct me to the correct location.
    I appreciate your help.


    • admin

      The short answer is: We found the property, but could not verify its having been homesteaded. We will send you a more detailed answer to your emailaddressl

  15. Monica

    What are your current hours?

    • admin

      The Adams County Heritage Center at 311 Main Street, Friendship, WI is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm.
      The McGowan House Museum and Niebull one-room schoolhouse at 507 Main Street, Friendship are closed for the season but can be opened by appointment

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